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JQM.Show is a RAD JQuery Mobile Prototyping tool that creates your CRUD Web Apps. Following our AMF methodology, you will have a fully functional responsive web app in less than 10 minutes without writing a single line of code.

AMF - 1. Application, 2. Model and 3. Fields. You create an application, Create a Model and then Create Fields in a Model. Below are two files, this is a beta version. You need to Sign Up for an account first to use the application. This version is limited to 5 runs without a limit to the number of applications you can create.

Beta Android Application
JQM.Show 1.00.apk

Beta User Manual
JQM.Show 1.00.pdf

Page 7-15 of the attached pdf shows in details with screen dumps of how you can define the application, model and fields to create your web app. Clicking a single button creates all the source code for you for your JQuery Mobile App and emails the folder to your registered email. You can dump the prototype on your mobile device, iPad, etc.

This app is not available on the Android App Store yet, kindly request reviews. will clean the files up once done and tweak the screens too.

I humbly thank you and hope you love it!

Starting the application
lets play.png

Output of the Creation
nk 1.png

Sign In
sign in.png

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